Simply Sunday….Self Portrait #2 unedited

DSC_0042 DSC_0103

I wouldn’t say I hate the way I look, it’s just that I am getting older, fatter, the double chin has appeared and I appear to forget to look in the mirror properly.  So it’s a shock to see myself as I am.   It’s easy when in the throes of a busy work schedule and a family to look after that you forget who you are and the importance of exercise, eating healthy and taking care of you.

These images are totally unedited.  Not that I would have used Photoshop anyhow (I don’t even own it!), just Lightroom to adjust light and dark and push colour in where necessary.  My main computer which has Lightroom on has a virus – hence the unedited.  I am happy though with the way I have captured the light, despite not being happy with me!

Taken with my Nikon D90 with a 35mm lens.

Top and necklace – Zara

Lace curtain – Ikea


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