Project 7……Day 2

I started off my day walking at Blackness with Alfie and David – first past the castle, then through woodland and then cutting  onto the beach to collect shells and sea glass for displaying my tealights.  Not many finds today – David was collecting sea glass for me that I kept throwing away as it wasn’t worn enough.  He moaned I was too picky.  I love how the woodland meets with the beach and spills out onto it with wild flowers growing in the sand amongst driftwood.

DSC_3297-1 DSC_3299-2 DSC_3305-3

For the most part of the afternoon and into early evening I was painting the wigwam – inside and out.  I loved the way the light was falling on the white inside walls through the portholes David has made in the roof.  I cannot wait until it is finally finished and we can enjoy sitting in it and sleeping semi outside.  It seems a long way off as I have changed the colour today on the outside today and there still is no front door!


Some new additions to one of my collections of shells, sea glass and feathers.




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