Project 7….Day 7

Very behind.  Who cares? Felt wrong not to complete the project that was meant to get me back to being creative after months of studio work.

Freeda is our friends dog, she came to stay for a few days and lovingly watched Mia eating toast in the mornings.


A reflection within a reflection, taken from my downstairs bathroom mirror.


Still have almost two weeks left of holidays and I have to be honest I’ve not done all I want to do and feel I have wasted some of my time – the odd day here and there passed with nothingness.   No point dwelling on what has been. Here’s to the next almost two weeks!



4 thoughts on “Project 7….Day 7

    • glanceobservecapture August 10, 2014 / 8:44 am

      That would be great! Taken in my home, linlithgow, scotland. My daughter Mia’s foot, with freeda the dog.

  1. toemailer August 10, 2014 / 6:20 pm

    Thanks! Will let you know when it is posted.

  2. toemailer August 16, 2014 / 6:34 pm

    It’s posted now. Thanks so much, we really appreciate it! 🙂

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