This last week or so, I have barely picked up my camera.  The light has been poor, the weather wild and wintry. Added to that I have been back out to work visiting customers and organising bookings for the term ahead.

I took these images of Mary on the morning that her son was getting married….a kind of Mother of the Groom shoot.  I made a conscious decision at the end of last year not to undertake any more wedding commissions. If I’m being honest – I don’t enjoy taking wedding photos, plus I have a full time photography job through the week – I don’t want to spend my weekends stressing that I have all the correct shots for the bride and editing.  I want to spend them doing things I love (which very much includes photography!!!) but producing images I want to produce.

It’s not the first time I have photographed Mary and it’s certainly not the last, which I’m really pleased  about.  She has the most amazing smile, eyes and above all I love her infectious positive outlook.


DSC_0008-2 DSC_0009


Work Revisited……Mirrors, I see a pattern

Looking back at some of my images, I see patterns.  One of them is shooting incorporating reflections or mirrors.  Why that is …….I have no idea.  Some of the shots have been set up and some have just been observed.  Does anyone else see patterns in their work?

All images copyright Teresa Dickson

Taken with both Nikon D90 and Olympus OM-D EM-1








Self Portrait Dec 2013



Scottish Leg of an Italian Wedding….

A few weeks ago I was asked to take a few shots for a newly married couple.  They had previously been married in Italy and were celebrating at home with friends and family in Scotland.  I couldn’t decide which camera to take with me as I had recently purchased my Olympus OMD-EM1 and still hadn’t had opportunity to play with it, so I took both the OMD and my trusty Nikon.  I ended up using both.


DSC_0005-1 DSC_0059-30 DSC_0075-39 P8300007-2-6 P8300011-2-11

Engagement Shoot – Edinburgh Castle

DSC_0202-94I wanted to share this image with you from a couple of weeks back.  I’ve been manic with work and did not feel great last weekend so hence the lack of posting.  We originally wanted to shoot outside Edinburgh Castle – but when we got there so had millions of tourists and work was taking place on the Esplanade preventing us from getting a good shot,

From this elevated viewpoint, I think we managed just fine.

Location – Edinburgh

Image by Teresa Dickson using Nikon D90


Great Couple….Great Location

DSC_0257-1 DSC_0264-1Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Aghogho and her partner Tosin taking shots of them together before they fly off to the States to get married at the end of the month.  Here are two snapshots of our fun day together.

The light yesterday was great in Edinburgh, overcast – just how I like it.  I love scouring the city looking for great backdrops and locations, and Edinburgh never fails to disappoint me.

Location – Edinburgh

Taken with Nikon D90 and 85mm lens