Portrait and Landscape…..

A busy week.  Seven schools in five days.  The second image was taken at one of my schools on Thursday whilst I was waiting to take year groups.  It made a change to see such a lovely landscape view and natural light in my “office” for the afternoon.  Far too often I’m stuck in a spare bog standard classroom.   This image was taken on my work’s camera – Nikon D300s with a 35mm lens.

The first image was on I took today, a quick portrait of Jonny on the water, training. I used my OMD EM1 with 12-40mm lens.  Neither image has been edited (apart from putting into black and white).




Project 7….Day 7

Very behind.  Who cares? Felt wrong not to complete the project that was meant to get me back to being creative after months of studio work.

Freeda is our friends dog, she came to stay for a few days and lovingly watched Mia eating toast in the mornings.


A reflection within a reflection, taken from my downstairs bathroom mirror.


Still have almost two weeks left of holidays and I have to be honest I’ve not done all I want to do and feel I have wasted some of my time – the odd day here and there passed with nothingness.   No point dwelling on what has been. Here’s to the next almost two weeks!


The Last Light of 2013…..

DSC_0002-3 DSC_0017-2 DSC_0020-2

Capturing the last available light of 2013 here today in grey skied Scotland, a challenge at best!!!  Used my Nikon D90 with a 35 mm lens.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, hope it is filled with love, health and happiness!

Top image – morning light and vintage mirror

Middle image – pink roses from my daughters bedroom windowsill

Bottom image – self portrait reflected in vintage mirror, top and necklace (just seen) Top Shop