One Bridge…..Three Views

The other evening we pottered down to South Queensferry to walk the dog.  It can be a real magnet for tourists, but on a  wet and windy evening just before Christmas I suppose people had better things to do.

The viewpoint is dramatic with two bridges visible going across the Forth, the road bridge and this, the Forth Road Rail Bridge.  After walking Alfie, our dog, we called into Orocco Pier for a glass of wine and a nibble, sitting window side admiring the view….


DSC_0010 DSC_0014 DSC_0016


Belljars……Botanics Part 3

There is something so beautiful about bell jars.  Their simplicity, showcasing a whole manner of delicate wonders and treasures.  I don’t currently a bell jar, but one is firmly on my wishlist….what I would put in it I don’t know.  What would you put in yours?



Christmas Shopping Avoidance….Botanics Part 1



With my parents visiting for the weekend and a week or so to go until Christmas, I really couldn’t face Christmas shopping.  So we packed ourselves off  to the wonders of the Botanic Gardens, followed by a delicious lunch at their restaurant….a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in winter.