Not 43 For Much Longer – Self Portrait

Selfie. Self Portrait. Whatever. You can’t see my wrinkles. Result.




Weekend Reflections…..


Sometimes the best laid plans go pear shaped.  Our family weekend in London wasn’t our greatest time away together.   But you live and learn and come back stronger.

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Work Revisited……Mirrors, I see a pattern

Looking back at some of my images, I see patterns.  One of them is shooting incorporating reflections or mirrors.  Why that is …….I have no idea.  Some of the shots have been set up and some have just been observed.  Does anyone else see patterns in their work?

All images copyright Teresa Dickson

Taken with both Nikon D90 and Olympus OM-D EM-1








Self Portrait Dec 2013



No Make Up Selfie for Breast Cancer

Unless you don’t use Facebook you will not have escaped the nominations coming in thick and fast for ladies to take no make up selfies and donate £3 for the good cause.

Here’s mine I took Thursday morning complete with wet hair…… and one with make up this morning, neither image has been edited.

Taken with Nikon D90


CSC_0008 DSC_0001-5

Simply Sunday……Easy Weekend

DSC_0030-2 DSC_0006-2

If you are like me…when you work flat out all week and have a busy family life you want to squeeze the most out of the weekends.  I hate that feeling when the alarm goes off at 6 am on a Monday morning and you feel unfulfilled.

I haven’t had a busy weekend, it’s been relatively laid back and easy.  Twelve Years a Slave on Friday night at my local independent cinema Boness Hipppodrome – left me feeling emotionally drained.  Saturday I pottered, after picking up this  pre-loved chair that I have had specifically painted in zingy yellow  from The Wee Vintage  Shop (weirdly engraved with my maiden initials!) and today I have been for afternoon tea with friends in the cosy vintage styled Brodies and stuffed myself with hummus sandwiches and coconut scones.  All in all it has been an easy weekend – but I want it to continue…….I’m already dreading that alarm going off tomorrow.


All images by Teresa Dickson

The Last Light of 2013…..

DSC_0002-3 DSC_0017-2 DSC_0020-2

Capturing the last available light of 2013 here today in grey skied Scotland, a challenge at best!!!  Used my Nikon D90 with a 35 mm lens.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, hope it is filled with love, health and happiness!

Top image – morning light and vintage mirror

Middle image – pink roses from my daughters bedroom windowsill

Bottom image – self portrait reflected in vintage mirror, top and necklace (just seen) Top Shop


Simply Sunday….Self Portrait #2 unedited

DSC_0042 DSC_0103

I wouldn’t say I hate the way I look, it’s just that I am getting older, fatter, the double chin has appeared and I appear to forget to look in the mirror properly.  So it’s a shock to see myself as I am.   It’s easy when in the throes of a busy work schedule and a family to look after that you forget who you are and the importance of exercise, eating healthy and taking care of you.

These images are totally unedited.  Not that I would have used Photoshop anyhow (I don’t even own it!), just Lightroom to adjust light and dark and push colour in where necessary.  My main computer which has Lightroom on has a virus – hence the unedited.  I am happy though with the way I have captured the light, despite not being happy with me!

Taken with my Nikon D90 with a 35mm lens.

Top and necklace – Zara

Lace curtain – Ikea