Simply Sunday……Rose, Lace and Shadows

Today has been one for chores. Boring with a capital B. For the most part, the sun has been splitting the sky here in Scotland, which has been rare here the past few  weeks.  Annoying then that I had a pile of things to do before I get back to work tomorrow.

I’ve kept myself going by stopping for shortbread laced with Nutella, endless cups of tea and the odd bit of photography thrown in.

Here are todays results.  No people.  Just detail.

All images by Teresa Dickson and may not be reproduced with consent.







I’ve had a set of cards produced from some of my images of my decaying beauties, as I call them (and no….that’s not me – though I feel like I’m decaying today, after ONE glass of wine.  I really should have drank more, perhaps I would have felt better).  Anyway, one of my lovely neighbours gave me some honesty out of her garden to photograph, after receiving a set of the cards – she is well into her gardening and I thought she would appreciate it.  These first two images won’t be made into cards, but I love the way I can see  the fragility of honesty’s nature here.

Again, there has not been much light to speak of here – worth capturing anyhow and now that the light is dwindling I will have get a curry on the go for tonight whilst listening to Rudimental on FULL blast.  Good job I live in an end terrace and my neighbours are away.

All images by Teresa Dickson and may not be produced without consent.



Moments In-between…..

I love the moments in-between, spaces  filled with the ordinary.  This shot was taken on my recent visit to the Q pop restaurant on Selfridges roof, after my meal.  I was waiting on my friend who was at the loo. Incidently, the food, view and company at Q was divine but the service pretty poor.

Location – Q pop restaurant, Selfridges, London

Taken with an OMD EM-1

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Project 7….Day 7

Very behind.  Who cares? Felt wrong not to complete the project that was meant to get me back to being creative after months of studio work.

Freeda is our friends dog, she came to stay for a few days and lovingly watched Mia eating toast in the mornings.


A reflection within a reflection, taken from my downstairs bathroom mirror.


Still have almost two weeks left of holidays and I have to be honest I’ve not done all I want to do and feel I have wasted some of my time – the odd day here and there passed with nothingness.   No point dwelling on what has been. Here’s to the next almost two weeks!


Project 7……Day 1

To boost my creative motivation after weeks of work (I am now on four weeks holiday from my main photography job) I have decided to do a little project – Project 7 – a daily diary for one week.  I want to document the simple things, seeing the beauty in the each day.  Here goes…

Day 1…..fresh flowers I bought to brighten up the living room this morning. Ridiculously pretty and a mere two quid from Aldi.


Mia making Nachos for dinner in the kitchen, which we ate in the garden – just the three of us as Jonny is in Slovenia. David sat in his pants to eat his (I will spare you the image – use your imagination……). DSC_3264-3

After dinner we popped through to Edinburgh for a potter around in the late evening sun – this is the bottom of Cockburn Street.  Town is starting to fill up with tourists, ready for the Fringe.


Arabic coffee at Leila’s – we sat outside – a table for three and watched the world go by for a while.



Simply Sunday……Easy Weekend

DSC_0030-2 DSC_0006-2

If you are like me…when you work flat out all week and have a busy family life you want to squeeze the most out of the weekends.  I hate that feeling when the alarm goes off at 6 am on a Monday morning and you feel unfulfilled.

I haven’t had a busy weekend, it’s been relatively laid back and easy.  Twelve Years a Slave on Friday night at my local independent cinema Boness Hipppodrome – left me feeling emotionally drained.  Saturday I pottered, after picking up this  pre-loved chair that I have had specifically painted in zingy yellow  from The Wee Vintage  Shop (weirdly engraved with my maiden initials!) and today I have been for afternoon tea with friends in the cosy vintage styled Brodies and stuffed myself with hummus sandwiches and coconut scones.  All in all it has been an easy weekend – but I want it to continue…….I’m already dreading that alarm going off tomorrow.


All images by Teresa Dickson

Beach Finds

DSC_0008-3I love walking along the beach, collecting shells and sea glass.  I like to store them in glass jars with tea lights twinkling away on top.  Where have they come from, what storms have they seen?

These shells were collected from beach walks at Blackness Beach and St Andrews Beach, Scotland.