One Boy….Two Hoodies


These two images have been taken about 10 months apart, top image being the first one and the bottom image only yesterday as I was sampling my new black backdrop for work purposes.  Truth be known, it’s the only one of my studio set ups that fits in my living room, using only two lights – a hair light and a front light.

I think my son Jonny, looks older in the first image – probably because it wasn’t posed.




Wanted to share with you some of the florals around my home this Saturday morning.  The light wasn’t great here (even by ten o’clock) so I opened up my 50 lens and slowed the shutter speed right down.

When it comes to clothing I am a complete bore – wearing only black, grey and cream, in contrast my home is full of colour.

The mismatched textiles are all vintage (circa 1930’s to 1970’s) that I use on my bed, the cushion being the newest addition that a friend made me for Christmas from 50’s fabric.

The necklace I wore today is handmade from leather which had been hand painted by Rosita Bonita, so pretty…..and as colourful as it gets for me!

My kimono jacket hanging in my bedroom – too summery to wear just now – but looks great with skinny jeans when the weather gets better.

The vintage glasses I picked up a few weeks ago from the Red Cross for a few pounds.

Did I mention I have a thing for florals?


Vintage Textiles Rosita Bonita necklaceKimono Jacket Vintage Glasses

Hidden Edinburgh

We took in a  muddy  lovely walk on New Years Day along Edinburgh’s Water of Leith, through Deans Village ending up at Stockbridge’s Pizza Express for a spot of my favourite Melanzane Parmigiana.  Whilst most people were suitably kitted out in sturdy walking shoes I bobbed along in ballet flats, stupid right?

Part of the pathway was fenced off due to a house on the verge of sliding into the water, though this did not seem to deter us the stupid people out for a leisurely walk.

On glancing back I saw this lovely scene…….


By rights I should have rewarded myself with a rather large glass of red wine for negotiating metal fences in slippy mud wearing the most inappropriate attire,  but as I still had a yoga session later that evening I opted to be a goody two shoes and stuck to tomato juice.

Ringing the Changes…..

2012 was a strange year for me, a little disjointed and lacking something.  Days have passed without me living each day to its fullest and I have been left feeling some-what empty at times.  I realised that I have fallen into the trap so many other people do, letting work take over and not making time for myself.  I have tried to please too many other people and in by doing so, not done things I wanted or needed to do.

Rather than waiting for New Year to kick start me in action, I grabbed the bull by its horns on Boxing Day and started ringing the changes.

A week on……I am back to daily yoga practice, eating healthier, planning ahead and spending more time doing quality things for me.

New Years Eve was quiet, but lovely all the same, celebrating at home with friends, champagne and cake.

What changes will you be making?