Weekend Inspiration…..Massimo Bartolini’s La Strada di Sotto

What better way to spend a rainy afternoon than a touch of retail therapy (UO, Topshop and Anthropologie always do the trick, even if it us just window shopping) and a visit to Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket Gallery to see the latest exhibition –  Massimo Bartolini’s La Strada di Sotto.  Simply stunning!




One Girl….Three Takes

These shots were taken literally in a few seconds, with a very reluctant model this afternoon just before we left for Edinburgh to visit family.  I was wanting to try shooting through the frame of a doorway to make the most of the natural light available, but today it started to sleet and the skies were grey.

Luckily I have one of those windows that will open right out, so I stood underneath it for shelter and quickly took a few shots with my 50 lens on my Nikon D90, ISO 800, shutter at 125 and an F stop of 2.5, just before she ran off into the waiting car outside.

Who said teenagers were patient?



Weekend Inspiration…..

I found this quote today…..

“Enjoy the little things in life……..for one day you will look back and realise they were the big things”

How it rings true.

On a separate note, whilst I was pondering about how to spend my day, its grey and damp here….so not very inspiring – I wanted to share with you a couple of material things I enjoy, that have been my eye candy this morning.