Today #2


I’ve been hanging out for the weekend ALL week. There must be something wrong with me because I feel exhausted most of the time and I am wishing my weekdays away. I had no plans for the weekend – the boys are away and Mia has stacks of studying to do.

In-between the mundane – here is a snapshot of the little things that made my day today.

1. A week old white roses – 3 quid from Aldi – none of this £45 a bunch crap –  that Interflora were trying to charge me to send to my mum for Mothers Day.  Utter bollocks.

2.Wholemeal, homemade pizza prep – to be eaten later, washed down with a glass of red watching The Voice, ogling Ricky Wilson with my girl.

3.Revision food for Mia – smoothie in the making.

4. Homemade flourless chocolate and lime cake for after I have finished drooling at the TV.

5. The most two interesting things I saw on my walk with the dog, although I did have a rather interesting conversation with my neighbour about lesbian activity on Netflix.

All images (except 5. – which was my old Nikon D90) taken on Olympus OMD EM1.




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