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The Portrait Session #19 …….Just Dad


Sunday afternoon here in Scotland was a wash out.  We passed the afternoon reading the papers, playing cribbage, drinking red wine with Mum in the kitchen making pasta.


Project 7….Day 7

Very behind.  Who cares? Felt wrong not to complete the project that was meant to get me back to being creative after months of studio work.

Freeda is our friends dog, she came to stay for a few days and lovingly watched Mia eating toast in the mornings.


A reflection within a reflection, taken from my downstairs bathroom mirror.


Still have almost two weeks left of holidays and I have to be honest I’ve not done all I want to do and feel I have wasted some of my time – the odd day here and there passed with nothingness.   No point dwelling on what has been. Here’s to the next almost two weeks!


Looking Back……Looking Up and Ahead

Going through some old images I found this one of my Mum when we visited the Botanics, probably two years ago now, when she and Dad were up visiting.  Incidentally, one of me favourite images of my Dad was taken there.  Mum and Dad are visiting this coming weekend, which I am looking forward to.  We will drink lots of wine, play cribbage, talk a lot of crap and hopefully soak up some of the Edinburgh Fringe atmosphere.



An Intimate Wedding….Part 2

After the ceremony…..relaxing, chatting, evening guests and dancing…..xox

DSC_3689-208DSC_3723-233DSC_2824-71 DSC_2857-90 DSC_3857-311 DSC_2814-66

An Intimate Wedding…Part 1 of 2

On one of the hottest days of the year here in Scotland so far, I shot a small intimate wedding for Joy and Stuart at a local hotel.  Here are some of the pre ceremony shots….



Project 7…….Day 6

Day 6……

Visited Scottish artist Jim Lambie exhibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh, which is showing until 19 October.  He uses everyday items to make colourful artwork. The downstairs exhibition space was taken over by mirrored ladders in bright colours, these were my favourite.  Upstairs was his iconic striped floor.  Mia, as per, was not in the slight bit interested and spent her time looking in the shop – I love this shot of her in the reflection of the mirrors, viewing cards in the window….



Jim Lambie’s stripy floor, I love the reflection of the light shining through the ceiling window.


Lunch in the land of the chicken, they do a good range of vege burgers for us vegetarians.



Project 7……Day 5

A little out of sync and behind with Project 7…….but let’s not get anal about it.

Spent the day through in Glasgow checking out the Vintage Festival (brainchild of Wayne Hemmingway and his wife).  The Merchant City was bustling.  Even had my hair done in thirties waves by Miss Dixibelle.  (No images I’m afraid – unsure whether I liked the look on me – probably would have looked good though with full make up – a little too done for me!).  Afterwards we popped over to Hillhead BookClub – one of my favourite pubs for a cloudy cider.

On the street……cool vintage ladies


Checking out the vintage stalls…..loved the  combination of this vintage cream dress with converse peaking in from behind…




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