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Project 7……Day 4

Day 4 ……

Dappled sunlight on the path whilst walking Alfie.


Pink snow cone (Bubble gum and Pink Lemonade flavour) to cool me down.


Project 7….Day 3

Just one photo for Day 3… boy Jonny home after three weeks training and racing in Europe, he has been to France, Slovenia and Germany.  Amazing results for his first Eurpeoan race in Slovenia coming 5th on Day 1 and 4th on Day 2 in his category for Canoe Slalom K1 Mens, very proud indeed. Happy to have him home but over the moon that he has had such a great experience, wouldn’t have been possible without his adoptive family the Ogilvies and team mates.



Project 7……Day 2

I started off my day walking at Blackness with Alfie and David - first past the castle, then through woodland and then cutting  onto the beach to collect shells and sea glass for displaying my tealights.  Not many finds today – David was collecting sea glass for me that I kept throwing away as it wasn’t worn enough.  He moaned I was too picky.  I love how the woodland meets with the beach and spills out onto it with wild flowers growing in the sand amongst driftwood.

DSC_3297-1 DSC_3299-2 DSC_3305-3

For the most part of the afternoon and into early evening I was painting the wigwam – inside and out.  I loved the way the light was falling on the white inside walls through the portholes David has made in the roof.  I cannot wait until it is finally finished and we can enjoy sitting in it and sleeping semi outside.  It seems a long way off as I have changed the colour today on the outside today and there still is no front door!


Some new additions to one of my collections of shells, sea glass and feathers.



Project 7……Day 1

To boost my creative motivation after weeks of work (I am now on four weeks holiday from my main photography job) I have decided to do a little project – Project 7 – a daily diary for one week.  I want to document the simple things, seeing the beauty in the each day.  Here goes…

Day 1…..fresh flowers I bought to brighten up the living room this morning. Ridiculously pretty and a mere two quid from Aldi.


Mia making Nachos for dinner in the kitchen, which we ate in the garden – just the three of us as Jonny is in Slovenia. David sat in his pants to eat his (I will spare you the image – use your imagination……). DSC_3264-3

After dinner we popped through to Edinburgh for a potter around in the late evening sun – this is the bottom of Cockburn Street.  Town is starting to fill up with tourists, ready for the Fringe.


Arabic coffee at Leila’s – we sat outside – a table for three and watched the world go by for a while.



All Natural

CSC_0045-1 DSC_0023-1

Taken in natural light, Mia looks stunning, though she wouldn’t agree with you.  Full of life, beauty and youth.

  Still a week or so of hectic work to go and then some much needed downtime to re-address a few neglected areas of my life.  Eating natural, yoga, being creative and spending time with family and friends….I cannot wait!

Location  – Heaton, Newcastle

Model – Mia


Deliberate Over Exposure

DSC_0005-1-2 DSC_0015-1Deliberately over exposed – I love these two quick snapshots taken of Jonny this evening.  What a difference a smile makes…….


Simple things……..Bubbles


Monday I spent a wonderful couple of hours with this little girl and her Gran.  From playing in park to a birthday lunch treat to catching bubbles – we had a great time.

I defy anyone who doesn’t love the magic of bubbles!



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